Bargain Scavenger Hunt

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A fun way of conducting an Adult Scavenger Hunt is, instead of just looking for objects, have your teams shop for items from a list. This Scavenger Hunt will test the teams’ creativity and resourcefulness in certain situations.

It can either be played against teams or individuals. And just like any Scavenger Hunt a location where to do the bargain shopping should be set, as well as the duration of the hunt. A big shopping mall is a good example of a venue since there are a lot of things that can be found there, and not everything is easily located. A specified budget may be observed. But for economic reasons, and for fairness, have the teams bargain shop. For instance, you could have them scour the place for the cheapest necklace or the cheapest coffee. Require a receipt to prove each item’s price.

You can challenge them by listing an item that is usually expensive, say, an electronic gadget. The teams will have a blast sharing their experiences after, and their discoveries of the best places to shop for a particular item.

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