Church Group Scavenger Hunt

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Make your church the starting point.

Each team of five should carry a video camera to record the tasks they will do during the course, this will also serve as verification because you are not collecting any stuff in this Scavenger Hunt. The more teams competing, the better.

Geographical and time limits should be set and observed.




1. Get a stranger to recite to you John 3:16 (no coaching)

2. Find a person named after any of the twelve disciples and have him introduce himself on camera.

3. Find a teenager who can sing with you “Amazing Grace”

4. Find a man in his fifties and ask him who is the Bible character that was put in a basket as a baby and hidden along the Nile.

5. Get a stranger to name all three wise men.

6. Find a child to tell you his favorite Bible character and why.

7. From makeshift materials create something that symbolises Christianity.

8. Team members trade shoes.

9. Find a good deed and record it on camera.

10. Seriously now, pray for a stranger.

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