Creative Scavenger Hunt Idea

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There’s not a kid I know that doesn’t love to draw. Whenever a kid gets a hold of any drawing material they just go crazy and start sketching anywhere before you could even say STOP! Nevertheless, they’re just kids and there’s nothing that could stop them from doing that. While this bothers most moms, they can always utilize this to engage kids in a unique scavenger hunt.

Unlike your ordinary scavenger hunt, this scavenger hunt requires moms to supply the participating kids with a notepad and a colored marker. The notepads should be colorful; there should be every color for kids to choose from. You should never be caught without a color that any kid wants so researching beforehand will be beneficial. Remember, no kid should be left out. Just like with the notepads let the kids choose which color of marker to use. It is advisable that both the notepads and markers are attached on some sort of lanyard that they could wear around their necks, so kids won’t lose them as they embark on their hunt.

Depending on your specific rules, the purpose of these materials is for them to draw the items/objects they will search for through the course of the game. Through this activity kids are able to be creative. They could work alone, in pairs or in groups. They could color their drawings after and compare their works with their friends. I think the best work deserves a price, apart from the one given to the winner of the hunt.

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