Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prizes

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Prizes, what to give the winner as a gift?

You’ve got the list items all sorted, your guests have all confirmed they are coming and the decorations for the night have been put up. Now for the prize for the winner. What does one give on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt to the winner?

There are many choices really. From scary Halloween costumes, to masks, or a photo of a cemetry, but a really memorable prize would be a photograph of them out on the hunt, on a digital camera and printed off whilst the hunt is still on, then framed in a Halloween styled frame. Or you could give the winner goblets, black and red candles, black jewellery, a certificate written in red ink that looks like gross blood. Or why not treat them to a night out on the town.

The choices are endless when it comes to Halloween. Just use your imagination and think about things that you would like to win if you were a hunter on Halloween.

Happy Halloween Hunting :)

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