Scavenger Hunts Ideas for Adults

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Scavenger hunts are not exclusively for kids. There is a so called adult scavenger hunt that can be played by couples, middle-aged people and even players who feel too mature to play kid scavenger hunts regardless of their age. This scavenger hunt uses the same concept as any scavenger hunt, only an adult scavenger hunt caters to more mature players, in age or experience.

The scavenger hunt couples play is considered an adult scavenger hunt. Either of the couple can initiate the game by leaving a clue, the first of a series, in a place where the other can easily find it. Without personally informing the intended player, they must be able to easily get the idea and follow the trail depending on what is written on the first clue. Hence, the first clue is very important, as well as the place and time of deploying it when the intended player has no idea of the plan.

Another way of playing an adult scavenger hunt is by making the list harder than what kids usually complete in a scavenger hunt. Modify the list by involving harder stuff. These can be technical, scientific or anything any adult player would appreciate. Making the scavenger hunt more physical may also be done, depending on the players. Preparing the right kind of list is the only key to getting a good adult scavenger hunt going.

The use of GPS or Global Positioning System to search around for items is also appealing to adults. A scavenger hunt that involves this type of modern technology is definitely something any adult would want to take part in.


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