Nature Scavenger Hunt

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An awesome idea for a Photo Scavenger Hunt is the Nature Scavenger Hunt. In this Photo Scavenger Hunt, participants don’t only take pictures of things in random but the things that can be seen in nature. This will lead to the further appreciation of the beauty of the world around us. Thus, this is a perfect activity for kids to be engaged in.

Now, you have to know the specific location where you will have your participants perform all the tasks. It could be in your backyard, a park or any open field. You must know what to see in that particular place for it wouldn’t be fun if what you listed for them to find wasn’t present in that area. It follows that you should also consider the time, season and the environmental factors during your Photo Scavenger Hunt.

You must set predetermined points for each object to look for. For example, a photo of a Sunflower is equivalent to only 3 points, if you know it’s prevalent in that area. A dragonfly could be worth 50, considering it is way harder to capture. It is up to you to create the list. Again, remember to consider every factor that needs to be considered before putting any object on the list.

Give each participant/group the list of objects with their corresponding points. When the time you set is up, the game is over and the winner is determined by counting the scores earned.

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